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Welcome to L. Ellis Appraisals Inc., your trusted partner for professional real estate appraisal services in Austin, TX, serving Travis, Williamson, and Hays Counties. Dedicated exclusively to the residential market, I have specialized expertise and unparalleled service quality. My work is guided by my core values, accuracy and precision, integrity and ethics, a customer-centric approach, and unwavering professionalism.

With over 20 years of personal experience in the appraisal industry, I’ve built a reputation for excellence and stand out from the competition thanks to unique qualifications, including designations from recognized appraisal institutions and specialized knowledge in reviewing residential appraisal reports. This extensive training and expertise allows me to offer superior appraisal support, setting me apart in the field.

My services range from real estate appraisals, divorce appraisals, estate appraisals, to expert witness appraisals, with a special focus on appraising luxury homes. I understand the nuances and complexities of the real estate market, enabling me to provide detailed and accurate valuations that meet my clients’ specific needs. Trust me for all your residential appraisal needs. We’re not just appraisers; we’re your partners in making informed real estate decisions.

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My Full Range of Services

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Real Estate Appraisals

Determine your property's market value with detailed real estate appraisal service.

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Divorce Appraisals

Navigate asset division smoothly with fair and impartial divorce appraisal services.

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Estate Appraisals

Facilitate estate planning and settlement with accurate estate appraisal services.

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Expert Witness Appraisals

Leverage expert witness appraisals for authoritative valuations in legal disputes.

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